Hundreds of $$$ worth of beats for only $7!


Hi there!

If you’re seeing this post today, it means that you’re a special member of the Black Panther Music Community. It also means that you’re eligible for the amazing offer that follows.

How does $500 worth of beats for ONLY $7 sound to you?

That’s right! For the tiny amount of $7, I will give you 20 high quality beats on a non-exclusive license, worth the BIG total of $500.

Interesting, isn’t it?

But do you have what it takes to record a hit song? See, if you’re reading this right now I believe you’re special and you have the potential to make a breakthrough in the music industry. Why don’t you give it a try?


As a producer, it is my job to get the best out of artists with the best music. I personally want you to go out there and make your mark on the world!

” Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them”  –  William Arthur Ward

This is an opportunity for you to get better, and it will not come twice. Don’t waste it!

Here’s a sample of what you will get in the Beat Package.

Like it?

For only $7, you get the above beats and more!

Seize this opportunity now!

Buy Now Button


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